Price Guide & Information:


Even with detailed information, it can be almost impossible to give a definitive price for your dogs groom over the phone or via an email. This is due to several factors, depending on the size of your dog, their coat type (and also the condition of it), whether there are any matts or knots that need to be removed, as well as your dogs behaviour in general.

A quote can be given based upon your dogs breed; however, please be aware this may change until we actually meet your dog and complete the grooming process. We can then assess them and see what beautification needs they require!

Terms & Conditions:

If you can’t make your appointment please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow your appointment to be given to another customer. Failure to do this may result in a charge of up to full price of the groom.

Please note all appointments require a non refundable booking fee to be paid before they are confirmed.

Arriving late for your appointment may mean your dog cannot be groomed due to the other dogs scheduled for the day; this may also result in a cancellation fee being applied.

Please make sure you have toileted your dog before arrival.

Late collections (unless otherwise agreed) will incur a charge of £5 per 10 minutes.

If your dog is found to have fleas they will be subject to a flea bath. Please be aware that we will need to flea bomb the salon before our next dog comes in to prevent infestation. There will be a charge of £20 for this. Your dog (and home) will still need flea treatment from the Vet after their groom.

Clipping Matted Dogs Policy:

Dogs that have a heavily matted coat are usually unable to be brushed out as this would be too painful for the dog and breach the Animal Welfare Act. Your dogs coat will have to be clipped off to safely remove the matted hair: de-matting would be a stressful experience and could cause your dog to suffer great pain/ irritation. Clipping the coat off is gentler on your dog, and can avoid your dog being put off grooming for life!

Once your dogs coat is removed you may notice red or sore skin due to lack of air circulation. Your dog may lick, scratch and rub themselves after a shave-down, this is completely normal. Dogs often feel different afterwards.. most are glad to have freedom of movement again and are full of life; others can have a little sulk for a few days and become quite withdrawn. Regardless of how your dog looks, you can be confident they feel a million times better! You will also be surprised how quickly their hair grows back.

You can now arrange a grooming schedule to suit both you and your dog, therefore keeping them in your preferred style. Information will also be offered on how to best maintain your dogs hair at home.

There will be an additional charge for this service dependent on severity/ amount of matting.

You can find some useful tips and information here on Caring for Your Dog’s Coat:

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